Glossary of dog names
or “Don't Give a dog a bad name”

This section is intended for anyone who is looking for pedigree names for their latest litter of puppies and is in need of some inspiration. It is especially designed to help people who, while wanting to give an English name to their puppies, are not native English-speakers. This is why all entries in the glossary below are accompanied by an explanation of each phrase or word.

The glossary is divided into three.

The first section contains expressions or words which can be used for either dog or bitch puppies - generally, the sex is not obvious from the name.They may be colloquial or set expressions, idioms, slang, catch-phrases, adjectives or nouns denoting certain qualities. They may at times involve oxymorons, paradoxes, puns and general wordplay. What I have generally avoided is the rather vacuous practice of changing the conventional spelling of words, in the mistaken idea that it is witty or humorous. It is not. There are only a couple of deliberate departures from this basic rule in the whole of this glossary - see if you can spot them! By the way, I have used British spelling throughout.

The second section and third section consist in proper nouns - names in their own right. Here it is easy to distinguish male and female names. They may be characters from history, mythology or literature. They may also be the names of saints, particularly of the Roman Catholic Church (Anglicised to avoid the heavy impression that Latin names ending in "-us" can often give, though again there are exceptions for shorter names, such as "Linus", "Marius" and so on). There are also saints of Russian and Greek Orthodox origin. I have included names used in more distant or obscure countries and cultures, some of which are still alive and vigorous, others of which have vanished forever. There are many rarely used first names which, before these politically correct times, used to be called Christian names. So you may even find inspiration here for human baby names.

While I have made every attempt to be accurate in definitions and correct in spelling, I am not infallible, so if you notice anything which needs to be rectified, please let me know. I am not a professional lexicographer though words and language, both mine and others', have fascinated me throughout my life. And I am still learning. This glossary is periodically updated.

Please respect the hours of work I have put in by not passing my efforts off as your own!

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