I have been in dogs for most of my life. I got my first curly-coated retriever and Sussex spaniel, basically as pets, in 1986. I began breeding and showing seriously in 1995. More recently, shar pei and pharaoh hounds have become part of my world too. I have bred several British, German, Luxembourg and Belgian champions.

- Photo by courtesy of Henry Ausloos -

My aim is to breed stock that is sound in both health and temperament and according to the standards laid down by the FCI, therefore by the country of origin of the breed.

I score the hips and usually the elbows of my breeding stock. Their eyes are also checked.

My puppies come with a Société royale St Hubert (Belgian Kennel Club) pedigree, a Belgian pet passport (compulsory in Belgium) and are fully vaccinated. New puppy-owners also get a detailed, handwritten five-generation pedigree with as much information on it about the ancestors of their puppy as I can find.

I invite all new owners of Tonispada dogs to stay in contact with me. I am always happy to provide useful information and advice when asked. Being a breeder is a serious undertaking and my responsibilities as I see them are to the dogs I produce, to the general well-being of my four breeds and to the dog-owners who honour me by choosing my stock.

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